January 6, 2012 Training Session

Strength and Conditioning Training Sessions: 0430, 0530, and 1700

A. Warm-up: Range of Motion, Burgener Warm-up x 2

B. Strength:

  • Hang Squat Clean: 3-3-3+ (70%, 80%, 90%)

C. Conditioning: METCON

AMRAP 20 minutes:

 * 1 x Curtis P = Hang Squat Clean + Lunge Left+ Lunge Right+ Push Press


CF671 CF Endurance Training Session:

Swim: SS Fri, 3S Fri (WOD: 2-5 x 200m, rest 90sec between each set)
Note: CFE trainer will be available at 0515 for group session.  Link Up area is Naval Hospital Pool.

Run: Off     

Bike: Off

Upcoming Events:

  • Stick – N – Back Super Sprint Triathlon: scheduled for January 2012.

For more information regarding upcoming CFE events please contact Dave at 688-7698


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