December 28, 2011 Training Session


Strength and Conditioning Training Sessions: 0500 and 1700

A. Warm-up: Range of Motion, Burgener Warm-up x 2

B. Strength:

  • Snatch: 5-5-5+ (65%, 75%, 85%)

C. Conditioning: METCON

AMRAP 15 minutes:


CF671 CF Endurance Training Session:

Swim: Off

Run: Off     

Bike: SS Wed, 3S Wed (WOD: 10 x 1min at max effort, rest 1:30 between each effort)

Upcoming Events:

  • Stick – N – Back Super Sprint Triathlon: scheduled for January 2012.

Beginning January 2, 2012, CF671 Endurance Team will be preparing for several events scheduled in March 2012.  If you are interested in participating or training for the events listed below, please sign-up by sending an email to Dave at  Pls sign up NLT December 30, 2011.    

-XTERRA  (Guam) scheduled for March 10, 2012  (Team or Solo)
-XTERRA (Saipan) scheduled for March 24, 2012 (Team or Solo)
-Tagaman Triathlon (Saipan) scheduled for March 31, 2012 (Team or Solo)

For more information regarding upcoming CFE events please contact Dave at 688-7698


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