December 23, 2011 Training Session


Strength and Conditioning Training Sessions: 0430, 0530, and 1700

A. Warm-up: Range of Motion, CF671 Warm-up

B. Strength:

  • Press: 5-5-5+ (65%, 75%, 85%)

C. Conditioning: METCON

Using one bar only: on the minute for 12 minutes, with reps increasing by 1 rep each minute, do:

  • push press
  • push or split  jerk

The bar starts on the ground and must be cleaned to the front rack position.

Score is the number of the last minute you successfully completed all movements plus the load lifted on that last successful minute.


CF671 CF Endurance Training Session: Do CF671 Strength and Conditioning WOD

Upcoming Events:

  • Stick – N – Back Super Sprint Triathlon: scheduled for January 2012.

For more information regarding upcoming CFE events please contact Dave at 688-7698.


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