August 15, 2011 Training Session

Replicating a functional movement in life

Group training sessions: 0430, 0530, 1700

Location: CF 671 box

A. Warm-up: Range of Motion, CF671 Standard Warm-up

B. Strength: Deadlift: 3-3-3 (75%/80%/85% of 1RM)

C. Conditioning:

WOD: 2-person Team WOD

NOTE: WOD is done outside the box due to Foundations Course being conducted inside.

AMRAP 12 minutes of tire flips, deadlifts, and sprints:

  • 1st person flips a tire 3x then sprints back to 2nd person doing deadlifts and relieves that person. 2nd person sprints to the tire and continues flipping while 1st person continues the deadlift reps. Continue this for 12 minutes.
  • Team score is total number of reps of deadlifts performed by team.
  • Weight for deadlift is 135 lbs.

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