The Consistent Life

Ever stop to think why Adam and Eve were tempted by food?

Beyond a theological analysis or rhetoric grounded on that question, why not, instead, tempt with money, beauty, or some other non-empirical but alluring device?

If we tie this to the similarities between the words disciple and discipline, we can see that Adam, the disciple, broke down on his discipline. We have never been the same.

Fast forward past the Agricultural and Industrial revolutions to the Information revolution and put this argument into context.

At our fingertips, most of us have the tools to live vicariously and get our senses overloaded. At least, if you are reading this, you do.

As disciples of some organization or group or race, we live inconsistently but yet yearn for a consistent life.

We want the best for ourselves, our loved ones, friends, and – here it comes – our children. We want to love them and do them no harm. In return, we expect the same.

So why, if we want this, do we live the Inconsistent Life?

Here’s an example.

We love our children.

We seem to know what is best for them.

To show our love for them, we take them to the beach.

We feed them (or let them) eat junk food.

We buy them a bicycle.

We feed them (or let them) drink soda and eat sweets.

We make sure they attend school.

We let them curse.

You get the point.

If you could fast forward twenty years of your child’s life, what do you think he or she will say to you about how you let him or her live the last nineteen?

Don’t abuse your child. Live the disciplined and Consistent Life: feed them nutritious food and make sure they get some exercise, preferably at the beach. Buy them a bicycle, not a PS3.

Our children are the future of the race but the future is short in an Inconsistent Life. Don’t be like Adam and get tempted.


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